Hi, I’m Louise.

As a multi-passionate creative, I have spent my entire adult life avoiding traditional employment and trying to make a living off of my art. In various ways, and with various degrees of success.

Here, I talk about everything I've learned along the way: About writing and art making. About figuring yourself out, finding your creative passion, and practicing a craft. Dealing with perfectionism, fears, and overwhelm. Making a living on your creativity in sustainable ways. Staying sane and productive among stress and disctractions. And much, much more.

In my monthly newsletters, I share updates and insights from my own creative practice, along with my most recent read-, watch- and listening recommendations.

I also write essays, make videos, and create workshops and courses on the topics of creativity, art and writing.

In order to make this space the value-packed, inspirational, and nurturing community I want it to be, I'm entirely dependent on you. Confessions of a Terrified Creative is a reader-supported publication. And although a lot of what I publish will be available to everyone, some of it will be behind a paywall.

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Surviving as a creative, amongst anxiety, overwhelm, and hustle-culture.