Welcome, fellow creative.

I'm Louise: a Swedish multi-passionate creative who has spent my entire adult life avoiding traditional employment and instead making a living off of my art. In various ways, and with various degrees of success.

I've co-founded a creative tech start-up, freelanced as a journalist, copywriter & web designer, worked as an actor, made music and sung at weddings, built blogs and online businesses, sold non-fiction books, short stories, physical products, courses, and original artworks. I've grown a YouTube channel to over 20k subscribers. I've been in the "creative business" trenches for over a decade.

Here, I talk about everything I've learned along the way: About figuring yourself out, and finding focus (even if you're torn in a million directions.) About writing and art making and learning creative crafts. Dealing with the fears and anxieties of the creative life. Making a living on your creativity in sustainable ways that don't burn you out or kill your soul. And much, much more.


I no longer publish here on Substack. My writing lives over at my blog, and my newsletter has moved to ConvertKit. If you want to receive new posts and updates from me, you’ll need to subscribe here.

Feel free to browse the archive here though. 😊

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Swedish writer, artist, creative solopreneur, countryside dweller, and crow whisperer.