Hello, Louise, what a lucky combination for me today - I was alone and at home and had some free time, as partner took out our son for som activities. Somehow reading you in silence and from my notebook (rather then phone) made a difference.

Ah, you were among those who crushed stem services for BG3 download. My husband too. He cannot wait to play it today. I will watch. I currently play Pathfinder, which is also quuuiiite epic. BG2 was a pillar of adolesence, I loved each second with this game.

Getting closer to 40yo, I finally eccept that I really don't need an art education. And absence of it doesn't make me a lesser artist. It is so liberating to be honest. Also as you stated with courses and over-consumption of those, it is crucial to actually make art. Not just watch lessons. I have a tendency for that unfortunately. So my goal and aim is to just implement more *actual art making* (and reading) into my life.

Thank you for this letter.

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