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The inner critic part resonates so much, as I have also been so incredibly harsh with myself and punished myself mentally to oblivion for every mistake, or bad decision - but also for things that I loved and enjoyed as well. Nothing escaped the critic. And the more I exposed myself to a variety of opinions on the internet, the worse it got and brought so many doubts and so much fear that it stopped me from being creative (in any form) altogether.

Luckily, I started changing the way I view things; and treating myself with kindness and compassion has allowed me to break out of my mental prison.

I feel my creativity returning and I'm much happier and at peace now. And not feeling the pressure to post and document everything has also help reaching this peace so much. I'm having so much fun with creating and experimenting without this constant fear and feeling that "I'm doing something wrong". Embracing mistakes, failures, and all states of being in totality is so liberating because from that point on there is so much to learn.

Thank you for all your honesty and authenticity, your posts are always like a lighthouse in a storm ๐Ÿงก

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Hi, Louise, I have been reading your essay and really craved for abstract painting. The thing I realised is that I only took 3 small brushes with me from Moscow. Small brushes are lovely for certain type of work, but they restrain this freedom of splashes sometimes.

Luckily a friend of ours had to take a trip back to Russia in February/March, and she will bring me my big girl brush from home.

Also I plan to take your writing like an abstract painter advices seriously and try to apply it to my writing!

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I always smile a lot when I read your posts. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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