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I feel like I met a new best friend! Every single thing you said as well as watching your YouTube about where you've been and where you're going - who knows? Right? Every thing has been so true for me. First, I started in alcohol inks and became known for that with hundreds and hundreds joining any e-course I offered. But, then I got tired of it and explored acrylics, mixed media, gouache, collage, pastels, and oil - each time I felt as if I was peeling off layers of my newsletter audience. Some stayed with me. But so many who loved me for inks decided to stay with inks, while I chose to move on. (But, I just bought a few bottles again just to see if I still had it in my soul to create in alcohol inks). These works landed me in a museum for 3.5 months, so why not see how it feels now. My Artist Collective membership went well for a while but I went overboard offering a thousand different things and started to hate making content. I stopped my e-courses, as I wrote in another post, and I am just now starting to return refreshed and renewed after a year. I had no idea Emily's podcast took a sabbatical which is one of the reasons why even thought I was going to venture in podcasting, I knew I couldn't keep up with it - always on the hamster wheel. I did just join Making Art Work which I took in 2021 and decided that I needed to join again. Can't wait to read and hear more of your thoughtful words.

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