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Thank you for the post Louise and happy summer! Haha my mom is also a Cancer 🦀 I don't take these things seriously, but it's fun to learn about it :) Just like with the MBTI personality types, I don't believe in it 100%, but it's funny??

I love your new oil paintings so much! The one with the little bunny in the other post is so cute 🥺 And the website is looking beautiful. Every time I see a new painting from you makes me so happy because it's a surprise. Is it a new bird? A new landscape? A new technique? Who knows? I actually enjoy that your letters are "all over the place" (I frankly don't feel that way) because they're not boring, robotic, or formulaic. I don't know... just my opinion that nobody asked for haha 😅

Your photos are so comfy! You actually reminded me of my old DSLR camera that I think I only used two or three times in the past 4 years and it's crazy because I used to take it in so many adventures and I was always stuck in some bush trying to capture the perfect angle 😂 Not sure exactly why I stopped, but it's a combination of many factors. Plus the phone replaced the camera, being more easy to carry, so the majority of photos are just mobile now. Perhaps I should give it another chance now that I remember of it. I wonder how it would feel like it coming back to it with fresh eyes.

All the best to your family and looking forward to new art, photos, recordings, or whatever you feel like sharing with us 🌻

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What a joy to read your new letter, Louise!

I really need to refresh my own site as well and here you come with those glorious ideas. I always feel inspired and eager to act. It is also very smart idea to divide your newsletters for 2 major audiences. I will definitely subscribe to the second one even if I don't have a possibility to buy art from you now, I am very excited to see you evolve.

Loved the photos you posted, before becoming a drawing artist I was a photographer artist. And recently felt my need to make photography again. I guess after I ditched instagram mostly. I still oist there from time to time, as my first account is very old and feels like a chronicle of 10+ years of my life. 5000+ posts lol. But somehow social media poisoned my love of photography. Now I feel like I am coming back to it. I enjoy my new camera a lot (well, relatively new, bought it almost a year ago). I was thinking to get myself tele lens. To capture more landscapes and maaaaybe occasionally birds.

Thank you for the letter!

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